Where is a famous sex toy shop in Malaysia? 

Where is a famous sex toy shop in Malaysia? 

Famous sex toy shop in Malaysia? There is one which is Secret Cherry. They really will give you a high quality of sex toys that are needed. Secret Cherry is a famous sex toy shop in Malaysia because they have a good service for the customer. If you are really good with the customer they will come again and again to buy from you. It is really recommended if you know about the company or store when you buy something. Need to do some research about them for your safety. It will be nice if you know more about the saler. So in future you can promote them to your other friends or other people. 

As we know, sex toys are common things people will buy. It did not matter if it was a single or a couple that  bought it. Also not be a problem if both of the genders will buy the sex toys. It was their choice to buy it or not. Maybe some people think that buying this thing will  be a bad influence for themself. The one that they will think is the people that buy it will be addicted to do sex. That most people will think for the person who buys it. But actually it depends on that person how they use it. There are many reasons to have sex toys at your home. We cannot judge them if they buy it because we don’t know their real intention. 

How to stop masturbation?

Spend your time with others

It will be more pleasant if you spend time with other people like going out or doing something. More recommended if you mix yourself with the activities that involve many people. Avoid having alone time in the room because it will make you want to masturbate more. Maybe you ask someone in your room for a long time that will make you shy to do some masturbation. 

It will be better if you have some activities that make yourself more active. If the activities are hard for you, maybe spend time with your family. Like watching some movie with them or other activities that you can do together. Just need to make sure there are some people around you. cannot be alone because it will make you go back to do it. Also can go to places that have some people there like cafes, markets or other places. 

Avoid pornography 

The best way for you to avoid it is when you need to sleep better for you to not have the phone around you. After you do the activity that you need to do, just sleep after that. It will be more recommended to delete all the applications that are related to pornography. Keep reminding yourself to not look at that thing ever again because it will have a big effect on yourself. Like we know it will disturb your concentration if you want to do anything that you should do. So it will be better to avoid looking at anything that is related to porno. If there is any movie or drama that shows something like that, it’s better to not look at them.