What is The QR Ordering System Malaysia?

What is The QR Ordering System Malaysia?

The QR Ordering System Malaysia is a contactless QR table ordering system for F&B outlets. Customers just need to scan a QR code to order and pay for their food or drinks. Let’s see why we should use QR Ordering System Malaysia and the advantage for using them.


Why We Should use QR Ordering System Malaysia then Traditional Menu?

  1. Contactless menus are safer for consumers.

    QR code menus protect your staff and customers from having to handle menus. You don’t have to worry about your staff or customers getting affected by covid.
  2. QR code menus are less wasteful.

    In the wake of COVID-19, many bars and restaurants moved to disposable menus. Unfortunately, that method isn’t very sustainable either economically or ecologically. So QR code menus are less wasteful.
  3. Updating your menu is fast and easy

    With QR code menus, you can easily adjust pricing or also change featured items. Not only that you also can add and remove dishes from the menu instantly and across multiple locations.
  4. You also increase profits with greater customer retention

    People miss dining out, but many still don’t feel safe doing so. Make them feel safe by removing unnecessary contact and they’ll be happy dining at your restaurant. And happy customers are repeat customers.
  5. Get to know your customers

    Analytics are offered by QR code menus, which aid in understanding the behavior of your customers. What are the busiest days and hours? Which menu items constantly sell well while others gather virtual dust?
  6. Create real-time promotions.

    Your brand will become more well-known and generate more business with the correct promotion. Additionally, scheduling a pop-up promotion and changing your highlighted items have never been simpler thanks to the ease of updating a QR code menu. Additionally, the statistics made possible by QR code menus allow you to keep an eye on your promotion and tweak it as necessary.
  7. Increase restaurant reviews

    One of the fastest ways to draw new customers into your restaurant is to have loads of great reviews. But even happy diners often forget to drop a line by the time they get home. That will happen especially if your restaurant was not their last stop. Your QR codes could include a link to a satisfaction survey, making the review process seamless.

Benefit of QR Ordering System Malaysia

  1. Get more orders accurately

    By allowing customers to self-order through their smartphones, your service crew does not have to go from table to table to get orders from customers and manually key them into the POS system. This will enable your customer to order simultaneously. On top of that, order taking will be more accurate, as self-ordering through QR ordering removes the need to re-enter orders manually into your POS system, eliminating human error.
  2. More Hygienic

    With COVID19 around, people are paying more attention to hygiene. Your crew have to spend time sanitizing these menus if you are still using printed menus. By using QR ordering, you turn your customers’ personal smartphones into your digital menu, order taking device. This makes them reduce their contact with common items. Not only that it also minimizes the spread of germs.
  3. Instant Menu Updating

    Traditionally you would have to wait for menu reprinting. Nor you had to remind your service crews to keep informing every single customer of the promotion. However, with QR ordering, changes you make to your menu will be immediately reflected on your customers’ smartphones when they scan your ordering QR code.
  4. Lower Labor Cost, Increased Productivity

    Most restaurants are stuck in the cycle of hiring more to handle the increasing number of customers. This will reduce their profit margins and make their business less scalable. But by using QR ordering, you will be able to handle higher order volumes with fewer staff. Other than that, your service crews can be redeployed to focus on areas of your operation to increase your restaurant’s productivity.