Ulu Kelang and why it is Sought After.

Gombak District is a Malaysian administrative district in the state of Selangor. It is home to Ulu Kelang. The district was established on the same day as Kuala Lumpur was declared a Federal Territory, on February 1, 1974. Rawang was the district capital until 1997, when it was moved to Bandar Baru Selayang. To the southeast, Gombak is bordered by Kuala Lumpur, and to the east, the Genting Highlands. The Klang Valley encompasses Gombak and Kuala Lumpur, as well as a few other Selangor districts. Batu Arang, Kuang, Rawang, Bandar Kundang, Gombak Town, Selayang, Kepong, and Hulu Kelang are among the other towns in the Gombak district.

Ulu Kelang

The major campus of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/UIAM) is also located nearby, as are the Batu Caves. The Orang Asli Museum is also located in Gombak, which is home to an aboriginal Orang Asli community.

In Kuala Lumpur, the Gombak River joins the larger Klang River. Kuala Lumpur was founded at the confluence of the two rivers. The Masjid Jamek is located in the heart of the confluence.

The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/UIAM) main campus, as well as the Batu Caves, are both close by. In Gombak, which is home to an aboriginal Orang Asli community, there is also an Orang Asli Museum.

The Gombak River meets the bigger Klang River near Kuala Lumpur. At the confluence of the two rivers, Kuala Lumpur was founded. The Masjid Jamek is situated in the confluence’s core.


The Gombak District Education Office is in charge of national education. In 2014, there were 53 national type primary schools, eight national type primary schools (Chinese), seven national type primary schools (Tamil), 30 national type secondary schools (SMK), two national type secondary boarding schools, two national type secondary Islam religious schools, and two national type secondary vocational schools.

Ulu Kelang

Recreational Activities

In terms of recreational activities offered, Gombak is home to the national Zoo Negara. It is an open concept zoo which sprawls for multiple miles and houses a number of animals, both big and small. The religiously significant Batu Caves are also found in Gombak. The limestone caves attract a large number of tourists, both sightsee-ers and those who are on a religious odyssey. The iconic Sunway Lagoon water park is also located in the Gombak district. It is a popular hotspot that is incredibly family friendly and a must see location. Kaching Falls is another water based location where residents can go to find some peace and quiet from the gruelling demands of life in general. 

Residential Areas

The Gombak district is home to a number of residential areas. One such area is the Ulu Kelang area. 

Residential Properties

 A cornerstone of the district’s residential game, Ulu Kelang has been a highly sought after and adored neighbourhood since its conceptualization. While the area does have a problem with residential towers and their structural integrities, Ulu Kelang offers a wide range of detached and semi-detached cul de sacs. It also offers a wide range of affordable condos that come with at least 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. To learn more about Ulu Kelang and it’s residential properties that are up for rent, visit Edgeprop today.

Ulu Kelang