Things To Remember When Becoming A Mom

Things To Remember When Becoming A Mom

Becoming a mom is never easy. 

Sure, there are five hundred guides and blogs on how to become a mother and what to do afterward, but it never prepares you for the actual thing.

Motherhood is described as mesmerizing, and the world’s most natural and wonderful thing.  However, a journey as a mom is anything but mesmerizing. It truly has its wonders but it equally has bumps. No mom has it all figured out the moment they give birth. Some things slip their mind as they go through the journey and most are learned through experience. Mistakes are made and they become wonderful memories for both you and your spouse. 

A journey in motherhood does not start simply from the moment you give birth. It starts the moment you are pregnant. If you plan on becoming pregnant soon, here are some things you definitely remember.  We cannot have the motherhood guide memorized but we can have the basics nailed down. 

Things Won’t Go According To The Plan 

Nothing goes according to a specific plan when pregnant. You have so many unexpected hurdles that it becomes extremely stressful. The stress doubles when we feel like nothing is going according to the “plan”. A plan perfected by both you and your husband. However, the plans go straight out the window the moment you begin your contractions. If we are lucky things may go smoothly but it is alway better to expect the unexpected and be ready for all different types of circumstances. 

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Your Body Will Change 

Dealing with the changes our bodies go through is something that cannot be explained. We battle with our mental health as our body changes and accommodates to becoming a mother. Your body may not develop or shape up to your “dream” body while pregnant or even after giving birth. The body changes for life as it grows and nourishes. Once we give birth, the body will definitely immediately bounce back. The body parts do include our downstairs region as well as the precious breasts. During pregnancy and after pregnancy we need to take care of our body with utmost care and products such as cream for sore nipples

Enjoy The Time Being Pregnant 

The time we spend as pregnant flies by incredibly fast. While pregnant we are counting down the days to meet our baby and nd the anguish and pain of carrying a baby in our belly. However, this is the period of time where everything is calm and silent before a baby comes for life. The period of being pregnant with your baby is never going to come back so enjoy it while you can and take a lot of pictures! 

Post-Partum Depression Is Real 

We have no idea how hard we will be dealing with postpartum depression. However, the good news is we are surrounded by educational resources, doctors, and health professionals that can guide us through postpartum depression. As a new mom, we are not only battling with a new life but also mental health.