The New Hype Trend Of Valorant Games

The New Hype Trend Of Valorant Games

Presented directly by the makers of League of Legends, Riot Games, VALORANT which is an FPS game with a tactical shooter concept along with various Agents and their special abilities will be the main competitors for CSGO and Call of Duty this year.

Three million players have participated in the beta phase of VALORANT, this shows the enthusiasm of gamers for Riot’s latest FPS game. Responding to various responses from players who have tried the game, we summarize the three main reasons that will make VALORANT the new favorite esports branch.

  • Has a unique and competitive mechanism

The first impression obtained from this game is “unique”, VALORANT has the essence of a shootout like CSGO combined with various special skills from each agent such as Overwatch.

VALORANT has a different recoil pattern for each weapon, various methods can be used to overcome this, including the ADS (aim down sights) technique where players must know the weapon’s recoil pattern and adjust its aim, or the burst shot technique which fires bullets periodically. to minimize recoil spikes. In addition, there are 10 agents, each of which has four special skills. The first skill can be obtained for free, but then it must be purchased with points earned as the match progresses and also according to the quality of each player’s game. Therefore, point management must be considered carefully.

  • Easily accessible

Although VALORANT’s graphics are generally considered to be of a high caliber by gamers, this game does not necessitate powerful hardware. You can play VALORANT with Windows 7, an Intel i3-370M processor, a 1GB Intel HD 3000 GPU, and 4GB of RAM. In conclusion, VALORANT can be played on almost all PCs today. In addition, Riot even provides a dedicated ISP so that the connection required is not too large. All these advantages make VALORANT easy to access by anyone but still interesting to watch. This will support the development of the VALORANT community so that later the esports scene of the game can be realized immediately.

  • Having a sizable web audience already

VALORANT has established that it has a sizable online audience; in just one day, the game shattered Twitch records. This first-person shooter game from Riot Games has a lot of potential as a promising esports branch with an average of three million players every day. Every significant esports event has both an in-arena and an online audience. Online audiences are crucial to a game’s continued existence in the esports industry.

Riot should be able to maintain this by prioritizing competitive gameplay, if you add various small, medium and large scale tournaments, VALORANT will almost certainly become the next most popular esports. For that sometimes when playing games we need fast and stable internet, so please go ahead tm package unifi Jom Apply.