Safety Behavior In Construction Industry

Safety Behavior In Construction Industry

A concept that is rarely discussed among employees but needs urgent attention is safety behavior.  Especially among construction workers and the industry. Every year we witness a dozen of horrific accidents and mishaps caused by risky workplace conditions and neglect of workplace safety rules. Providing building material Malaysia and making wonders out of them is how we grow our economy and but in the process of growth, we should not see the workplace suffer from occupational injuries that could have been easily avoided.

There are so many consequences to taking the easy way out. Maybe the easy way out does not always cause an accident. However, the one time it fails is the one time that leads to grave injuries, and in the worst-case scenario, death. There are so many times where employees get away with creating incompetent designs and ignoring guidelines in the making of a building that reflects in a major disaster later on. Residential buildings, commercial sites, railways, and other things should not be dealt with leniency in safety behavior.

Unsafe behavior not only costs the lives of dozens of people in the workplace and in the public. But it also costs the company a lifetime of damage. There are so many businesses that went under because they ignored the cases of potential occupational injuries and neglected the safety guidelines. They never recovered from the losses they incurred and even if they did, they could not gain back the trust of the public, nor build a positive brand image again.

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Construction companies that have died in their reputation will not fare well in the future. Not even billion-dollar marketing campaigns can hide such incompetence in their work. In order to avoid a dent in brand awareness, reputation, and complete bankruptcy we should be rigid with the safety behaviors in the work. Now, let’s take a closer look at factors that could completely change safety in the work environment. 

Giving adequate safety training and awareness should be the number one priority of any construction company. construction workers spend hours in the blazing sun on high-rise buildings, working for hours. Their hundreds of hours of work are built on with no attention to the safety and security of their own life. To improve their competence, skills, and knowledge in safety behavior, it is the company’s responsibility to conduct awareness programs. 

Another important factor that can turn around the state of safety is the attitude of the management. Their communication values, a chain of command, and active listening can save a life at the end of the day. Employers and upper management should make sure they provide adequate help for their workers, provide job security, define goals and improve productivity in the workplace without getting in harm’s way. It is also up to the management to take the initiative in preventative actions and rectify their mistakes quickly to avoid further damage. There are so many cases where upper management gives a deaf ear to the employee’s report on the safety of the workplace only to end up facing a lawsuit when they fail to listen.