New Mother Nursing Product

New Mother Nursing Product

Raising a child is one of the hardest things to do in this world. Becoming a new mother for certain women is a milestone, an achievement in their life. What to expect when you’re expecting? Are you expecting a baby coming this year? Freaking out because you have no clue what to buy and prepare? Fret not, here are some of the new mother nursing products you might want to buy and try. 

Nursing Bra

new mother nursing products

When you have a newborn, you will be breastfeeding a lot, especially in the first few weeks. You can opt to not wear a bra but if you aren’t comfortable with that option, a nursing bra is very helpful. A nursing bra comes with easy access to unclip your bra cup without removing the entire thing to breastfeed your baby. This saves you more time and energy particularly if you are out in public. 

Breast Pad

A breast pad or nursing pad is designed to stop your breastmilk from overflowing and staining your cloth. Overflowing breastmilk could happen when you are away from your baby and didn’t pump your milk out. Breast pad comes in a lot of types for your convenience. A reusable breast pad, disposable breast pad, homemade breast pad etc. Most newborn mommies find breast pads to make their life easier. They get an extra night’s sleep without needing to worry about staining their cloth. 

Breast Pump

A breast pump is needed when you already start working and have to be away from your baby. While newborn babies are not recommended to have the formula, you will need to store your breastmilk for them. Breast pumping shouldn’t be painful. If your nipple starts to pain when you use your breast pump, likely, the pump is not suitable. You need to consider changing it to another type of breast pump or another brand. 

Breastmilk Storage Bag

new mother nursing products

As it is named, after all your pumping, you will need to store all the breastmilk in suitable storage. Fresh breastmilk can be kept for up to 4 days in the freezer. If your baby has some leftovers after they drink, it is advised to throw them away after two hours. 

Nipple Cream

This product is used to soothe dry skin around your nipple that is safe for your baby. Dry skin may occur with all the pumping and feeding. The cream also helps to ease the soreness around your nipple. Some women start to use the cream as fast as after 48 hours after giving birth. 

Nursing Pillow

This product helps your baby to feel comfortable while breastfeeding. Put a nursing pillow and lay your baby down on it, makes it easier for them to reach your nipple. Mothers also don’t have to bend down and hurt their backs in the process. 

These are the top nursing products according to mommies that you should buy when you’re expecting. Before buying any nursing product, make sure you check if it is suitable for you and the baby or not. Breastfeeding can be tough, but with the help of the nursing product, you can do it!