Keeping Your Online Money Safe

Keeping Your Online Money Safe

After you open online banking account Malaysia, you finally have a place to access your account’s money at any time on your own device. Even with the bank’s security, it is still up to you when it comes to reinforcing the fences around your account so your money wouldn’t be drained by unauthorized transactions.

Longer password

Longer passwords are one of the first things you can do to improve your account’s security. A longer password is usually a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. You can also use a short sentence as your password, combined with the latter two as required by your bank.

Do keep in mind that when you are constructing your passwords, it must never be a reference that everybody can guess. Avoid mainstream media such as Marvel, sports events or so. These are already widespread among people that even if you don’t watch any of them, you may at least figure them out thanks to memes or whatnot.

Either use obscure references or make up your own password. You can even make it gibberish if you want to, just make sure to note it down in case you forget. Speaking of notes, do not write and place them in places that people can access. Keep them in private spaces instead.

Suspicious websites

Understandably, you wouldn’t click on a website that pops in your message out of the blue. Yet you can still fall victim to one, especially if you click on a cleverly disguised URL of your bank only to be led to a spiked trap. As you fall and get priced by the spikes, you are left to bleed as you watch your money vacuumed away to an illegal offshore account.

Your bank’s website URL must also be treated with suspicion. They should have official reminders about online scams and tell the difference between their genuine websites and those that are fake. Learn to distinguish between them and restrain your finger if your bank sends you a link to their site.

To be extra careful, you can call your bank and inquire about the link you received. Any contradicting information should be immediately taken account of and likely confirm that URL as fake. 

Use a VPN

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This is essential if you are using a public WiFi to access your bank account or any other sensitive information. Attackers can snoop in your network from their digital bush and use middle-of-the-man attacks or similar hacks to infiltrate your walls and access your account.

Thus, to keep your information safe in a public network, use a virtual private network, or VPN. It encrypts the internet traffic between your device and the remote server with a secure tunnel. The internet service provider may not even know what is going on in your place. 

Alternatively, you might as well do all this in your own home and WiFi. Why not set them aside in public and just enjoy your latte huh? 

One more piece of advice. Do not use TOR to access your bank account unless you know what you are doing. It is not recommended to visit surface websites when using the browser, so best heed the advice. If you have to, look up on increasing TOR’s security on your end.