How to Take Care of Your iPhone

How to Take Care of Your iPhone

A bonus of tips taking care of your “babies”

So, you have a new iPhone. Good for you as a lot of people want to have that phone but because it is too expensive, they just settle for something more affordable. This phone might be too pricey but for good reasons. That is right as they come with top of the line software as well as hardware and sophisticated software. Not only that, it is easy to use as well. You will surely not regret choosing this phone over the others. 

But iPhone can still get damaged. It is not something that will magically stay functional even when it is carelessly used. That said, you can check for more effective tips below:

Effective tips

The first thing to do is get a top of the line quality phone case and a screen protector. Yes, you might think that these are for aesthetic use only but not really. you see when your phone will suddenly fall, the functions inside can experience threatening impact if your phone is without any protection at all. The sturdy case and screen protector can tone down the impact for sudden fall.

Charge your phone the right way. some of us you just charge her phone halfway as we are using them even while charging. I guess it’s not all that bad charging back you have to make sure that every time you charge, it is in an optimal manner. It means you should not stop charging your phone until the battery is 100 percent full. at the same time you must not charge your phone just because the battery is half full or even ¼ full for that matter. You should only start charging it when the battery is already 10% filled. Doing this way can strengthen your battery life.

Every time the phone notifies you that there is an OS update, you should do so right away even when you’re in the middle of something important, if for your phone is also important. You see, these updates come with bugs fixes and can maximize the functions of your phone.

Don’t impregnate your phone with apps that are not even useful for you just because you think it is cool the fill your phone with such apps. You see, it’s not a good thing to fill your phone with different apps until it’s full capacity. Yes you are not surpassing it’s capacity as that will not do as well but then again if you maximize the capacity of your phone, chances are even if your iPhone is known to really work well, still in time it will start to slow down and you are the reason for it. So, when you’re done loading apps to your phone, make sure they are only those what you really need.

And in case your phone gets damaged, you can check out the fixspecialist . Yes, you should always check for the best as that is your phone after all. 

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