How to Choose The Best University to Study Nursing?

How to Choose The Best University to Study Nursing?

Many people are looking for the best university to study nursing for a bright future. The health sector is one field that has good job prospects because it is always needed anywhere. Therefore, the future of nursing school graduates can be said to be very good because there are many jobs available.

best university to study nursing

What Exactly is Study Nursing?

The nursing department as the name implies is an educational department that aims to produce nurses. Through this major, you will learn about science combined with social science.

This department provides material on how to provide health services to patients. So that later they will learn about all kinds of new theories and technologies that help the patient’s physical and mental recovery process.

The major in nursing is available at two levels, namely Diploma and Bachelor. Especially for the Diploma, it will emphasize practical activities regarding nursing. As for the Bachelor, the main focus is on balancing theory and practice.

So that when taking a bachelor’s degree in nursing, in addition to receiving theoretical material in class. Later, they will also practice directly in the field, be it in hospitals, health centers, health clinics, and the like.

What will be Learn in The Best University to Study Nursing?

Basic Nursing Science

This course is also known as the basic concepts of nursing and will discuss the theoretical world of nursing. Starting from the theory that underlies nursing science and the figures who gave birth to the theory.

This course also studies ethics and norms in the practice of nursing activities. So that prospective nurses in this department understand how to maintain the good name of their profession and how to carry out their duties.

Nursing care

Nursing care is a subject that must be mastered by students in the nursing department. Through this course, students will learn how to provide complete nursing care or services to patients. Be it the service of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs.

Basic Psychology

Nursing majors will study science outside the medical world, one of which is psychology. So there is a basic psychology course and it is an important provision for prospective nurses.

Because students in this department will later be faced with many patients with their respective characters. Nurses also need to be able to calm patients who are stressed, angry, and so on because of their illness.


best university to study nursing

How to Choose The Best University to Study Nursing?

There are many nursing majors in Malaysia. However, as smart prospective students of course we must still choose the best of the good. Here are some tips for you prospective nursing students!

Make sure the Best University to Study Nursing is accredited

Don’t forget to make sure the campus you are going to choose is accredited either by the institution or study program. because this is very influential on the learning process and when you graduate later. A well-accredited campus must have validated its college support facilities. The available lecturers must also be professional lecturers.

Consider the location of The Best University to Study Nursing

This concerns your comfort and cost of living. you certainly have to consider both of them. transportation and distance are also your considerations when choosing a university,

Campus facilities

When you major in nursing, you have to make sure that it is related to the facilities on campus. Because basically nursing lectures will be more practical than theory. and nurses must also have good skills. good skills are supported by facilities and the availability of practice tools. Therefore, make sure that the campus you choose is complete and has the capacity to hone your skills!

Tuition Fees and Scholarships of The Best University to Study Nursing

It can’t be hidden that the health department is a college major with a fairly large expenditure. Therefore, choose a campus that fits the budget that has been determined. However, don’t be afraid to major in nursing because there are many campuses that offer scholarship opportunities for students majoring in health.