How do people diagnose a machine using only light?

How do people diagnose a machine using only light?

Since the beginning of Industrialism during the 1750s, machines have always played an important role in facilitating a safe and convincing environment for people. Human daily needs and tasks are produced and delivered with the support of machines, especially industrial manufacturing utensils that are responsible for producing goods, mechanical details, and consumer goods. Malaysia’s population in 2021 with more than 32 million people asking for a consistent surplus amount of goods and services to keep on running. 

However, machines are just like humans, they can also fall sick, and symptoms often vary depending on their industry and work type. Here is when engineers step in and cure/fix away the dysfunctional, but how can a Malaysian engineer exchange information? Patlite signal tower Malaysia people are using is the key link as they will let the engineer know whether a machine could operate smoothly or not. Using light as the mediator, these Patlite signal tower Malaysia people often called stack light. 

What is stack light?  

Stack light is a manufacturing detail that identifies and announces errors. They often appear in many forms but the most common appearance is cylindrical and hemispheres. They will eject a range of 5 colors to announce the conditions of the machine: green, yellow, red, white, and blue. 

What are they used for? 

Stack lights or signal tower as Malaysians usually call them, play a vital role in industrial manufacturing controlling processes. Which is heavy in autonomous actions carried out by programmed chains. Frequently – Patlite signal tower Malaysia is being used most commonly – they are used to signal the status of individual machinery detail or of a manufacturing chain to operators or engineers. Besides errors, the stack light could also report other information based on which color is displayed, a horn or buzzer would also come along with the stack light to attract attention. Therefore, minimize any unwanted interruptions within the workflow and maintain a continuous and efficient running of the machines. A well-designed system of stack lights will let the manufacturing personnel have a comprehensive view of the chain’s condition. 

Light signals decode

Stack lights come with 3 types of light sources including light bulbs, LEDs, and Xenon lamps. These could vary among factories, however, LEDs are becoming a popular choice due to their light quality and endurance. 

Green: this is saying that everything is well functioning and the operation is running under control with no need for extra actions. 

Yellow: this is a warning on petty problems that might escalate into serious problems if appropriate actions are not deployed on time. This is when operators have to act fast on coming out with feasible action and execute.

Red: is responsible for telling the operator that the process or machine s paralyzed due to some technical problems and would need to be solved before anything could restart. 

White: used to announce a shift change or the end of a process and nothing is wrong, the chain or machine stops for the right reason. 

Blue: means that a possible quality issue is detected and has not completely developed to the “red-light” level when every action is halted. However, the problem needs to be solved quickly to ensure smooth operation before the situation escalates.