Having Sex on First Night: Tips and Tricks

Although intimate relationships are something that is generally considered taboo to talk about, actually a Muslim needs to know about it. Especially for newlyweds who are about to face the first night and when women usually tend to go on a hunt for sexy loungewear Malaysia to wear during their first night!

First-time sex is still a huge taboo topic among Muslims, even in the West. A Muslim generally cannot speak, or ask questions, and cannot even think about it because having sex is considered something dirty and evil.

Reported in About Islam blog, before starting further regarding intimate relationships, please note that Islam forbids having sex outside of marriage. However, as a sex education, a Muslim who has reached puberty can obtain information on this subject as long as he is aware of the shari’a laws that cover it.

Here are some important things newlyweds need to know about intimate relationships: 

Tips Number One 

First, accept intimate relationships as part of a healthy and lawful life. Allah SWT created humans with sexual desires, and in Islam, there is nothing shameful about that as long as it is done according to the Shari’ah. Islam only provides guidelines for us to follow about who and when we can fulfill our sexual desires.

However, actually having sex is not wrong. On the other hand, having sex if done in a lawful way is a blessing from Allah SWT where someone who practices it will get a good reward for doing it.

Tips Number Two 

Second, having sex is not a must on the first night. There should be no hope other than enjoying each other’s company and feeling comfortable being close to each other. If a husband and wife feel inspired to have sex on the first night, that’s okay. But if one of the two is feeling too tired and would rather fall asleep in each other’s arms, that’s fine too.

“Relax and keep things natural between you and your wife. Don’t push yourself because it can make you restless and restless at a time when you and your wife should be happy. Instead, spend time getting to know each other and eventually get to know each other,” Anadolu quotes.

Tips Number Three 

Third, don’t get hurt. If it’s the first time a Muslim penetrates during intercourse, there will likely be less pain or pressure.

However, overall it should still be done in a fun way and not hurt your partner. So if very sick, it is recommended to stop sex. This could be a signal the couple needs more heating or lubrication.

Tips Number Four 

Fourth, do not bleed a lot. The bleeding comes from the tearing of the hymen, which is basically the tissue inside the vagina. All women have a different amount of tissue, and in rare cases, they are not born with any tissue.

In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, some women don’t bleed at all, but it’s true that some women bleed profusely. There’s really no way to predict how much a woman will bleed during sex. If you come out too much, then don’t be forced to continue having sex. Visit SecretCherry for more content.