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Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia

The world, our society has changed so much from the past. It has become more and more connected and we are getting more information and more exposure to things. It is so easy to learn something, so easy to achieve and build something now unlike in the past. It is now becoming a need for us to be connected and we are not able to leave this very much connected world. But what does it mean to be connected and to be stayed connected?

Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia

What are some things that we need in order to stay connected? 

When we talk about being connected one thing always first comes to mind doesn’t it? When we go to a new place to stay like a hotel when you’re on vacation, the first question you ask is, “What’s the wifi password?” When you go to a restaurant like a cafe where you can sit down and work, the first question after ordering is, “What’s the wifi password?” It has become a very natural thing to have the will and need to stay connected even if we are not working. Our home is no different. We need to be connected to a good internet and fast internet because many things at home nowadays run on the internet. If you are in need of the internet then today is your lucky day because we are going to tell you about Time fibre 100mbps home broadband Malaysia. Time is actually a relatively new company but it is one of the best internet companies you can sign up with. I personally am writing this article about being connected to Time broadband. And yes, 100mbps is good enough for gaming, streaming, connecting to virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and Google meets. It is all enough and it really is fast. 

You get what you pay for!

Many have tested on internet speed tests, it is very stable and as expected to be very near to the 100mbps that you subscribe to. Why do we say that? Simple, it is actually normal for your internet speed to actually be lower than the margin that you subscribe to. So for example, if you subscribe for 30mbps you may only get 15 or so. But with Time Home broadband you are getting 90 and above on constant! This is something very important because you are getting what you pay for. When you get 100mbps you expect the highest possible speed and Time is able to get you that and not just have half of what you subscribe for. 

It is very simple to apply

You are able to subscribe with Jom Apply and it is a very simple thing. You just head on to their website and sign up and you can subscribe for it and it is that simple! You will only pay for the monthly fee from Time and there is no cost to sign up from Jom Apply. It is fast and simple and it will not get as simple as that. So if you are interested then go right on ahead and subscribe for Time Home Broadband!

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