F&B POS system Malaysia is a famous solution!

F&B POS system Malaysia is a famous solution!


The most business thing in this industry is the food and beverage business. This really helps the country’s economy grow. For this business the main thing for the foreigners that will always come to the food and beverages. So in the BIG POS they will offer some solution which is the f&b POS system Malaysia

It was really helpful for the one that does the food and beverages business. F&b POS system Malaysia has so many ways for them to get the business to develop and grow well. They will make your business better if you have their service for your business.

 Also BIG POS will try their best to make your business be more known to other places or people. It was really important for you to make your business more modern. In terms of modern means try to get your business to be more of a technology thing. It will make your business easy to operate and also give benefits for the customers. 

Also not be weird if in future many restaurants will use some digital kiosk or robots. Using technology in business is a good thing for life but also it will give you some impact. All things in this world will have advantages and disadvantages, it was not strange. So you just need to know how to handle the disadvantages. 

There are some disadvantages? 

Job loss

This is the one disadvantage of using some technology in the business whether it was small or big business. It still had an effect on the people out there because of this modern way of business. If we think about technology of course they wouldn’t use human resources. They just focus on the electronics thing or maybe some internet. So it will make for the people that always work in business not needed. For the business that has a modern way will make it easy for them to operate. Also technology doesn’t need you to pay every month. 

That is the reason why the business will take technology. This will affect all people that need a job for their life. If everything is taken by technology, how do they want to survive in this world without jobs? It is still not seen nowadays because not many people use it but still have a small impact after pandemics. Pandemics make the starting point for them to use technology to decrease the number of people who meet each other. It has shown some impact for the pandemics that happen. 


For the technology that doesn’t have good security will make this a crime. Not all technology is good at security. So if they use the technology in a bad way they can do it. Maybe it was like hackings to other people’s bank accounts or scamming other people. It really happened and always happens. This is the one thing that is not good about technology. It was easy for them to do some cyber crime and take the money from the people. For them that really does not work with honesty like taking the customer credit card number and using them. Just need to be careful when using technology and all data information needs to be sure not leaking.