Disadvantages Of PPR Pipes

Disadvantages Of PPR Pipes

PPR pipes Malaysia are one of the pipes that are commonly used today due to their resistance against heat and a cheaper price than the stronger metal pipes. If you couldn’t really buy or install metal pipes, this is one substitute that you could pick for the time being. 

Despite the pros that they demonstrate, PPR pipes are not without detractions. Some people might not choose to install PPR pipes at all regardless of the intended applications due to said disadvantages unless they want to remain anxious about sudden pipe leaks.


The rigidity and impact resistance of PPR pipes are not as strong as metal variants, so they can be easily damaged if not handled properly. Similarly, if you use them to run high pressure water, and if the pressure is enough to crack or fracture the pipes, you are in for a leaking party for a few days.

Also prior to installation, you may want to look for PPR pipes that are of decent quality, and check if they look and feel fragile on the surface. It might be safer to buy newer models too so you can be assured that they won’t crack so easily after only a few months of use.

Handle them carefully and under no circumstances should you damage them in any way. Buy some backup parts in case one is damaged to the point where repairing it is impossible.

Overall, it would be more cost effective to replace them entirely with other pipes made of more resilient materials.

Poor UV resistance

You may not see PPR pipes installed outdoors, especially under the sun because its UV resistance is pretty poor. The longer it is under exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the more it is prone to aging which can reduce its service life. Eventually, it will be rendered useless as many of its positive properties will be faded out until it is no longer suitable to transport liquids.

Fewer specifications

PPR pipes malaysia

The specifications and accessories of PPR pipes are few in comparison to others, and most of those accessories and valves are not complete. If you are looking for more diverse accessories to fit your pipes with, you best look for other types.

Furthermore, don’t bother trying to connect with metal doors, because it will be inconvenient to set them up this way anyway.

Difficult construction

PPR pipes aren’t easy to install because the technical requirements to do so are high. You need people that are experts in installing them since it requires advanced equipment and technology, something that you will not likely have in your own possession.

Connecting pipes also involve the hot melt procedure, which usually refers to using tools like a hot glue to bind them together. The quality of the hot melt bondage is relative to the ambient temperature, heating time and joint pressure. You might try to say that you could do the bonding process yourself since you can buy a hot glue in hardware stores, but just leave it to the professionals to keep your PPR pipes intact after construction.