3 Major Cargo Types Transported by Shipping

3 Major Cargo Types Transported by Shipping

The worldwide shipping sector delivers products across continents, linking trade and business. Ships have become faster and larger in today’s fast-paced world. Transporting products by water has become one of the cheapest options just like marine services Malaysia.

This article will discuss the different products and cargo frequently carried by ship.

Food Shipping

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Food comes in many forms: fresh, packed, frozen, partly processed, etc. Transporting foods is difficult owing to their short shelf life and high risk of spoiling.

Other commodities may spend months on a voyage between ports. But meals are one of the few commodities that must be delivered quickly.

As a result, a significant portion of the food transportation business is done by air. However, ships and other boats enable huge quantities of food to be transported simultaneously.

Livestock and Animal Transport

Livestock and animals are also often moved across borders. This may be for breeding, meat, or animal bi-products.

Transporting them poses difficulties in terms of animal survival. To do so, they need to be fed as usual. Also, the living quarters and animals must be periodically cleaned. Finally, enough ventilation is essential.  The highest main deck allows the animals to move and gets them fresh air and light. 

Cars and Vehicles Shipping

It is extremely popular in the Middle East, Europe, certain Asian countries (e.g. China), and the Americas to ship cars. It is a service that transports automobiles along a country’s or neighbouring nations’ coasts.

Such cargo is transported by Ro-Ro (Roll on, roll off) ships. They are designed to resist the enormous loads imposed by the trucks, as well as the forces applied to the aft when the vehicles are loaded or unloaded.

The ship also has large vessels to bring it to a draught where the ramp can be safely lowered to let cars in. After loading, the ship is backfilled to keep it steady.