Adding Sparks To Your Marriage

Adding Sparks To Your Marriage

Years of relationships might have become boring and tiring for some people. There are few types of relationships that you need to know. This is to make sure you will make the right thing to light up the relationship. There are relationships between siblings, friendship, loving relationship, platonic relationship and marriage.

Most marriages ended due to misunderstandings, miscommunications and financial problems and that is why you need to keep on adding sparks and rekindle your passion in marriage. There are plenty of ways to add sparks to your marriage that we can learn.

# 1 Make time for each other

Yes, I admit that spending time with your partner can be hard especially when both are workaholics. But spending time does not mean going out for a picnic or going on vacation. Some people enjoy laying down and watching movies with their partner since these activities do not require lots of money and time. Cook together, flower plants or even sit and drink coffee together is actually more than enough.

# 2 Foster emotional intimacy

Some people might think about sex and sex only when in comes to the word intimacy but there is actually a lot more to be explored. It is all about sharing and being open with your partner. Emotional intimacy is more about being comfortable and trusting your partner to talk about everything, even the ones that make you feel uncomfortable. Honesty in communication is very important.

# 3 Find similarity

Sit together and discuss things you like and dislike with your partner. Most marriages become boring because there is no understanding and tolerance between partners. If your partner loves getting flowers every weekend, do it to make them happy. If you prefer to go to a beach than going to a waterfall, tell them. This way, you will find out how much similarities both of you actually have. And that results in a happier marriage.

# 4 Try new ways to have sex

You will have to communicate with your partner about how both of you prefer to have sex. Also, for women try put on sexy, bright-coloured lingerie to light up the sex mood. If both of you are not used to using adult toys or also known as alat bantu seks in Malay, you should try someday because it might bring back the passion into your marriage. Try looking at sex toy shop near me in malaysia

# 5 Plan a vacation

Plan a vacation that reminds you of your honeymoon vacation. During this time, you can always talk about what you have been through throughout the marriage, and talk about your achievements and downfalls during your marriage. At the same time, you can spend time together and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You may also have some me time, far from your children and family which helps to clear your mind.

Being married is not easy and will never be easy. You will have a lot of commitments such as work commitments, responsibility as parents, financial commitments and a lot more. Rekindle your passion in marriage to make it last longer and happier in the future.