4 Breastfeeding Tips For Mothers and Babies

4 Breastfeeding Tips For Mothers and Babies

Nursing your baby is never an easy task especially when that is your first time doing it. You might face some problems where the baby refuses to latch or back pains. Everyone will experience different things while breastfeeding their baby.

Getting enough information and knowledge about best ways to breastfeed before you start breastfeeding your baby is a crucial step so you can prevent yourself from getting into trouble while breastfeeding. These are the things that you can consider to do for better experience of breastfeeding:

1.   Let your baby decide

Let your baby decide when to start and how long to nurse. Your baby knows better about what they want and what they need but as a mother, you will have to anticipate with their desire. Never set a time limit between feedings and then deny your infant food because not enough time has passed.

However, there is no reason to wake your sleeping baby to feed them just because three hours have gone by. Allow your sleeping infant to sleep comfortably and feed your baby when they wake up.

2.   Find the right position

Finding the right position for breastfeeding can be one of the things that you will be grateful for in the future. If you breastfeed while sitting, make sure you have something under your arm to support your baby while breastfeeding. It can be very uncomfortable if you breastfeed with back pain.

There are also few positions that you can do if you want to breastfeed while laying down on your bed. These positions will not only help you to get the right body posture but also will prevent your baby from choking milk. Choking can be fatal in some situations, so breastfeed your baby in a position that you are confident with to prevent any inconvenience from happening.

3.   Take care of your skin

Sometimes people take nipple care very lightly like that is not a thing that they should take care of. Little did they know, taking care of your nipples and skin around the breast areas are very crucial to make sure your breastfeeding experience is not bad. Cracked nipples is one of the reasons why some breastfeeding mothers decided to stop breastfeeding their baby.

There are a lot of products that you can apply on your nipples to help reduce the pain such as Vaseline or any nipple cream. Other than reducing the pain, it also heals your nipples in a short time. You won’t have to wait for too long and bear with the pain while breastfeeding your baby.

4.   Don’t wait to seek help

Waiting for quite some time before asking for professional help is not a good decision to make. You should start asking even before you start breastfeeding your baby. There are specialists in the hospital that can help you with any problem related to breastfeeding. If you have any questions about it, don’t wait. Ask right away especially when you are already at the hospital or clinic.

Latching problems are one of the most common problems among breastfeeding mothers and it can be a very stressful issue to deal with. Asking for help as soon as possible will help you to be ready with any consequences that you will face.